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We are not only to help you improve the ALEXA world rankings, we are more important to do:

1 to help you improve the quality of the world's highest ranking ALEXA site;

2 with the most abundant technical strength is your successful financing support, and to achieve a variety of data needs;

3 reduce your access to the rest of the other large web platform stationed threshold.

Why to upgrade the ALEXA world rankings? What are the benefits of upgrading ALEXA rankings?
  • world's third party data statistics

    ALEXA is the world's only website ranking agency

    ALEXA has the world's largest domain name library

    ALEXA provides the most authoritative data report

  • 2、measure of world rankings

    ALEXA is the only standard to identify the strength of the site

    ALEXA allows you to clear the site's data

    ALEXA achieve the world's only comprehensive ranking website

  • 3、have the lowest demand

    and domestic large site docking has ranked the lowest demand

    if you need to display corporate image, brand cooperation

    major advertising has the lowest ranking in the world

  • 4、Corporate finance needs

    financing side of the first data is ranked

    if the ranking is too low, the capital side can not trust

    world ranking is an important data reference capital side

How to complete the domain name ALEXA world rankings /Follow these steps complete your ALEXA upgrade
  • 1、Domain name submission

    submit you need to upgrade the ALEXA ranking website

    leave your contact person responsible for docking

    communicate with each other to determine the relevant matters

  • 2、Contract Signature

    according to the needs of the development of relevant programs

    determine ranking needs

    determine ranking

  • 3、Confirm the payment

    complete payment according to contract

    starts executing

    3 days to see the ranking effect

  • 4、Enhance success

    query results can be ranked by third party

    if more than three months, can be checked for three months ranked

    if you need to continue, you can renew the contract

  • Alexa (www.alexa.com, Chinese official website cn.alexa.com) is a website dedicated to the world rankings. Alexa collect more than 1000GB of information on the Internet every day, and then integrate the release, and now he has collected more than URL Google. Alexa not only gives up to billions of Web site links, and for each of the sites were ranked. It can be said that Alexa is currently the largest number of URL, ranking information released the most detailed website;

  • In April 1996, Alexa was founded in the United States;

  • In July 1997, Alexa released a software, now known as Alexa Toolbar (Alexa tool), which is embedded into an Microsoft IE browser tool, when users visit each Web page to send a string of Alexa code, the information related to the browser to tell Alexa. The user will see the toolbar on the toolbar to browse the site's ranking information in all the world's Web site;

  • 1999, Alexa was acquired by the U.S. e-commerce flagship company Amazon to become a wholly owned subsidiary of the latter;

  • In the spring of 2002, Alexa gave up his search engine and turned to Google.

  • Now, the Alexa toolbar in the "installed" global already tens of millions of Alexa, and the main work is worldwide computer user desktop toolbar returns based on the information of the global Internet browsing habits were monitored, and the development and marketing of a variety of related products. Among them, there are up to 100 thousand sites of the world's Web site rankings, there are specific industry rankings for the analysis of the site, there are tailored for individual site traffic monitoring report;

  • Alexa's ranking of the world's Web site is mainly divided into two categories: comprehensive ranking and ranking. Comprehensive ranking is also called absolute ranking, that is, a specific site in all sites in the rankings. This ranking is based on the number of user links (Users Reach) and the number of page views (Page Views) cumulative geometric average of three months. Such as the world's top ranked web site: YAHOO (www.yahoo.com) topped the list (Internet per user per day in average 308000 people will visit YAHOO).

  • What are the benefits of Alexa rankings? A well-known enterprises, listed companies, the site's ranking is very low on the image of the enterprise itself is also a kind of influence.

  • Because the real traffic statistics most of the site is not open, others to understand a station's strength is more reference Alexa ranking data, so from a certain extent, improve Alexa ranking is to enhance the site's strength and position. Especially with the customer to talk about site traffic, as well as regional rankings for promotion, especially useful. Alexa rankings can be used as a reference data analysis of a site's general traffic;

  • For larger sites, the promotion of Alexa Rankings can affect the advertiser's evaluation of its advertising. Many companies and advertisers are going to check your site Alexa rankings to decide whether to advertise and determine the value of advertising;

  • (a) to establish the image of their site quickly website: such as a commodity trading site, if the position is very low, the customer will doubt the credibility of the site, which directly affect the product sales;

  • (two) now a lot of advertisers in the advertising before, pointing out that the site's ranking of the world to reach 100 thousand, 50 thousand or higher, there is no good ranking, will lose a lot of money to make money in vain.

  • (three) the need to sell advertising sites, enhance the value of Alexa can enhance the value of advertising, advertising value and Alexa ranking is proportional to the general;

  • (four) need to go on the market, financing or transfer of the site: a good world ranking allows you to easily get the investment or sell the site.

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How long after the service to see the rankings?

Generally 3 days or so, according to the ranking of the official update speed, according to our experience, the average 2-5 days, that is about 3 days;

Where is the Alexa ranking query?

There are two ways to query:
1, the official inquiry www.alexa.cn cn.alexa.cn
2, query tools such as: alexa.chinaz.com and other authoritative query tools can query to

Q Would you like a foreign data display?

Yes, we can do China, South Korea, Hongkong, Canada, the United States, Singapore and other large network of traffic. However, the cost of domestic or regional will be increased, we need to contact you in accordance with the specific requirements of the offer.

Q For the first time, how to do it?

In order to safeguard the interests of customers to cooperate with us for the first time, customers can contact us by Alipay secured transactions or other recognized third party guarantee transactions. See the rankings and then confirm the loan can be.

Q Domestic music sites have changed?

Domestic digital music has always been a wonderful industry, everyone knows that this industry is very large, the future is bright, but only in which to know the sweet and sour. Then the main major digital music service website: watercress FM, QQ music, shrimp and more than live now live? In the current domestic users it is difficult to accept the case of paid downloads, digital music service website and try those patterns?
According to the China Business News reported that watercress FM, QQ music, shrimp and more than meters are in transition:
Watercress FM completely using the radio mode, the main push "hot cool music + recommended content, PC users will be shifted to the mobile terminal.
QQ music with WeChat and other powerful members of its own system to open up the advantages of each terminal platform, the radio content of the two reorganization.
After the acquisition of the shrimp was Ali, the rapid implementation of genuine open music channel, from music to music development platform functions.

Q What do you do with successful clients, and how to make us believe in technical strength?

8 years we have been studying ALEXA ranking technology, also studies several important network platform, support the development of several well-known domestic network platform, we not only understand the ALEXA ranking technology, we have more important attention to the financing needs of a large network platform and the negotiation skills, and data support, help domestic several well-known websites platform the successful financing and development, has become an important influence network platform.

Q How to ensure that trade secrets are not leaked?

Signing the contract we will clear the confidentiality obligations and provisions.

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50万名(月均) 880元/月
40万名(月均) 1800元/月
30万名(月均) 2600元/月
20万名(月均) 3990元/月
10万名(月均) 6800元/月
当日10万名 6800元/月
当日5万名 9800元/月
当日4万名 12000元/月
当日3万名 16000元/月
当日2万名 19000元/月
当日1万名 22000元/月
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排名标准 服务价格 人工监测
50万名(月均) 400元/月
40万名(月均) 900元/月
30万名(月均) 1200元/月
20万名(月均) 1800元/月
10万名(月均) 3200元/月
当日10万名 3200元/月
当日5万名 4500元/月
当日4万名 6800元/月
当日3万名 9800元/月
当日2万名 12000元/月
当日1万名 15000元/月
当日8千名 联系客服
当日7千名 联系客服
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当日5千名 联系客服
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Mogujie.com C round of financing valuation 200 million Alexa ranked half a year was cleared five

Gem 2012-08-27 Tags: mogujie.com financing
San San - August 27th news, the news from the venture capital sector, said mogujie.com is near to $200 million valuation of the third round of financing, investors locked for IDG.
Mogujie.com's current valuation of its own close to $200 million, the latest round of financing is currently being carried out, the basic lock investors for IDG. Mogujie.com completed two rounds of financing at the end of last year, the cumulative financing of nearly $20 million, of which A round of investment side of Bertelsmann and the letter capital, B round of investment for Qiming venture capital.
Some netizens recently broke the news that micro-blog, because Taobao is very familiar with the vulnerability, mogujie.com in May this year to bring Taobao turnover value 180 million, divided into 6 million yuan tao. After Taobao patched vulnerabilities, these two figures plunged to 90 million and 3 million.
Up to now, mogujie.com official has not been on this position, analysts believe that Taobao's move is likely to affect IDG's investment in mogujie.com. At the same time, mogujie.com's recent performance rankings on Alexa traffic is also quite strange.
It is observed that in just six months, mogujie.com's Alexa ranking has a straight line of the decline of the eight, which fell to the following one of the three, the five time was cleared directly, the last time a clear occurred in August 11th.

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For the Internet industry to promote the improvement of advertising revenue, understand the changes in user behavior, and enhance their competitiveness to provide data and strategic consulting services. IResearch Internet industry solutions, designed to help mobile Internet companies brand strategy to promote mobile Internet advertising sales and enhance the competitiveness of mobile Internet companies. The service mainly for intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer as the main medium of the mobile Internet business, mobile applications and other types of news and information, including instant messaging, online video, social networking, practical tools, PC Internet business institutions, and hope that through the mobile internet marketing or mobile Internet access to digital marketing revenue related institutions and, these institutions face in this environment change rapidly the challenges of coping strategies. We can provide you with the following research advisory services Industry environment and competitor analysis To assist the enterprise in time to control the latest trends in the industry, competitors operating conditions, quickly adjust their business strategy. Show media marketing value To show the potential of the flow of advertisers, as well as the quality and value of the audience, in order to get more advertising orders. Demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns To prove to the customer that the target audience of the advertising marketing activities is accurate, whether to achieve the desired effect, whether to promote the brand to help. A comprehensive portrait of user behavior Through a comprehensive monitoring of user behavior, to help enterprises fully understand the user's behavior changes in the use of their own services and the same user behavior changes in PC, intelligent terminal or SmartTV.

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